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Training on the Hamburg beach

Yesterday around 15:00 I went for a longer run. My goal was run 3 hours or around 30km. So I filled my backpack with drinks and some food and went out, Weather conditions were fine, around 8 c no rain and a bit windy. From my house I took the shortest way to the Elbe […]

No, there is no excuse not to go out

Yesterday the weather in Hamburg was pretty cold (under zero degree c.), it was snowing and the roads were covered with ice and snow, there was a fairly strong wind. I went out for a run, around 22k, in the Hamburger Volkspark. Running there is fun, it has some hills, smaller trails, and there are […]

Run without mind

Finding the Tao in running sounds like a paradox: moving fast and going forward and still staying in the present moment of each step. By enjoying and being in the moment within each movement and every step, the runner can glimpse the stillness and the action, the inbetweennes of motion, Ying and Yang. Neither here […]

The benefits of slow running

In 1980 the slow food movement started. The Slow Food movement aims to preserve cultural cuisine and in so doing to preserve the food plants and seeds, domestic animals and farming within an eco region. In the Slow food movement the Slow live movement had its roots. The Slow Movement advocates a cultural shift toward […]

The RWW-Jürgen-Liebert-Ultra Ultramarathon

Sunday morning (11.11.2012) I joined another 280 runners to run the 40. Bottroper Herbstwaldlauf / RWW-Jürgen-Liebert-Ultra. The 5oKm track consist of two 25 km rounds, through a beautifully nature preservation area. Most of the track was run through woods, with a few very slight hills. Despite the predictions the weather was perfect, it was not […]

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