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Five years since the Tsunami

Five years since the Tsunami – The Big Picture – Boston.com Five years ago, on Boxing Day, December 26th, 2004, a magnitude 9.3 earthquake hit the seafloor of the Indian Ocean, causing tremendous waves of seawater to rush ashore as devastating tsunamis that left 230,000 people dead across 13 different countries – the fifth deadliest […]

Buddha Wild Monk in a Hut.

Buddha Wild Monk in a Hut by Anna Wilding Buddhist monks aren’t usually described as wild(at least not in our urban dictionary), but director Anna Wilding’s intriguing feature documentary debut stirs up the meditation room a bit. Buddha Wild explores what really goes on behind the monastery doors, touching on hot-button issues like the roles […]

A Spring in Autumn

Behind a ribbon of evening mist, a chill sky distills, and a melody of far waterfalls like ten silk strings comes to my pillow to tug my feelings, keeping me awake in sorrow past midnight. Xue Tao was well-respected as a poet during the Tang Dynasty, when she lived. She was born either in the […]

Amazing Images from Japans Forgotten Master

Amazing Vintage Images from Japan’s Forgotten Master via Amazing Vintage Images from Japans Forgotten Master | Art & Design on WebUrbanist.

Moment to moment.

When mortals are alive, they worry about death. When they’re full, they worry about hunger. Theirs is the Great Uncertainty. But sages don’t consider the past. And they don’t worry about the future. Nor do they cling to the present. And from moment to moment they follow the Way. Bodhidharma

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