It’s only by taking myself away from clutter and distraction that I can begin to hear something out of earshot and recall that listening is much more invigorating than giving voice to all the thoughts and prejudices that anyway keep me company twenty-four hours a day. And it’s only by going nowhere — by sitting still or letting my mind relax — that I find that the thoughts that come to me unbidden are far fresher and more imaginative than the ones I consciously seek out.

Saint Lawrence

Saint Lawrence The Romans burned him alive. Do you know why? […] I think it was because the Romans were raised by wolves. The greatest empire in human history, founded by wolves. You know what wolves do? They hunt. They kill. That’s why I never bought into ‘The Jungle Book.’ A boy is raised by wolves, he becomes friends with a bear and a panther. I don’t think so […] What I’m saying is that the Romans, raised by wolves, they see a guy turning water into wine. What do they do? They eat him cause there are no saints in the animal kingdom. Only breakfast and dinner. – Fargo 1×05: The Six Ungraspables

Your problem

Your problem is you have spent your whole life thinking there are rules. There aren’t. We used to be gorillas. All we had is what we could take and defend.  ~ Lorne Malvo